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Aussie Lift and Shifts rent and sell equipments that are designed for moving materials or people in any type of work environment. We have many types equipment that will provide materials moving solution at your job. Some examples of the machines are -

  • A  man and/or materials hoists are machines that has a travelling platform.
  • A scissor lift is a machine that has a platform that also travels vertically but is freestanding.
  • A conveyor is a machine that has a travelling belt (much like the baggage conveyors at the airport) that enables materials such as sand, soil, demolition rubble, cement etc to be moved.
  • A rubbish chutese are collections of tubes that enable fast and efficient channelling of rubbish down from heights into a waste collection bin.

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This man & material hoists (or personnel hoist) is the standard workhorse for 18 men and materials as high as 60m. The machine has a platform size of 3 x 1.5m and is rated for 18 people or 1500kg...
Geda Single Barrow Hoist units use the latest rack and pinion drive technology and meet all the relevant safety standards to give you and your operators piece of mind. Available To Buy Now -...

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Australian Grand Prix | Melbourne
We  would like to thank Aussie Hoist for doing a fantastic job on providing all the hoisting equipment we used for one of Australia's most...
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